The Mistress (thorny_rose) wrote in bicyclegang,
The Mistress


I'm clueless in the Land of the Rising Sun. The only thing worse than not knowing anything about bikes is being in a country where you can't even ask and get an understandable answer.

The situation is that I'm living on the side of a mountain - no, really - and I need a bike that can get me up the mountain without giving me a hernia. Of course, part of my success will be based on how I ride, but I want a bike I can really work with.

First bike is a cream beauty with six gears on the rear and two (or three) on the front.

Second choice is a sexy number with six gears on the rear.

Third is I dunno. You know those short bikes shaped kinda funky that would look really odd with a basket on it? Anyways, apparently they'll get me up the hill without quarrel.

I know it's not a lot of info, but this is all I know. Any suggestions?
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